The RAINFRESH advantage -

The World's Fastest, Easiest, Cleanest Cartridge Change !

- Rainfresh filters have the cleanest, quickest, easiest, most user friendly cartridge changes. Unique 1/8th bayonet open/close feature and split skirt seal ensures a no leak seal every time. Vent cavities in head and open volume in the top of sump result in a no spray, no spill change.

-The very nature of the way our 1/8th turn bayonet lock works and the tolerances demanded, guarantees consistency and quality in each and every part.

- Rainfresh filter units feature transparent sumps as standard equipment.

- Rainfresh replacement cartridges fit all major brands of standard filter housings.

- Our poly-bead sediment cartridges are uniform and consistent, lightweight and rigid; provide "depth" filtration and are proven effective in use.

- Our solid block activated carbon cartridges reduce  taste, odour, colour, chlorine as well as providing dual duty "depth" filtration sediment reduction.

- Our ceramic disinfection cartridges are unique, cleanable, reusable, and highly effective.

Rainfresh Ceramic Cartridges

Ceramic Cartridge Cleaning

Please go to our product page to see the models which use the silver impregnated ceramic cartridges. 

Rainfresh Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers

Please go to our home page to see the various models that are available!

Our featured products

FC150 water filter w CF1 cartridge. This is a very effective filter for whole house water filtration. This will extend the life of water pipes (prevention of plaque buildup) as well as extend the life of faucet/tap seats/rubbers. More imortantly, YOU get cleaner water to drink. Additionally, by using a CHARCOAL CANISTER type filter element at the kitchen sink (see our countertop filters), significant chlorine reduction as well as odour reduction is achieved. Chlorine reduction may also be very good for the body. As well, soap lathers better, and one can save on laundry detergent over the years. It all adds up to great savings, great value, and better drinking water. I recommend this filter for every household.
FC150 water filter w CF1 cartridge
$64.99 CDN$
CT500 Counter top water filter w CF2 CARBON BLOCK CARTRIDGE element. This filter reduces chlorine, bad taste, colour and odour from the water. Chlorine elimination/reduction may be very good for the body. As well, the water tastes much better compared to having no filter at all. It is recommended that this be used in conjunction with a whole house water filter. It is important to drink about 10 glasses of water per day. Using this filter, you greatly reduce the amount of foreign elements into your body. It is a great filter. Every kitchen should have one. To purchase now, click 'Add to Cart'
CT500 Countertop filter w CF2

$84.99 CDN$
We have water filter elements for various needs - down to 1 micron sized particle filtration. The charcoal canister types remove chlorine, odour and bad taste. This has a very positive effect when drinking 10 glasses of water every day. Flushing your body with cleaner water can only be good for you. Purchase your filters here for quick delivery.
3 Pack CF2 $36.99 CDN$

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